The 50 Best Ice Cream Parlours In The World


Stránka BEST 7 Travel - v ankete o najlepšiu zmrzlinu na svete sa umiestnil Luculus na úžasnom 18tom mieste. Moc nás to teší a motivuje pracovať na sebe ešte viac. 

18th. Luculus Ice Saloon - Bratislava, Slovakia

This historic ice cream bar has been dishing out scoops since 1954 and are still as beloved as ever. Cones are piled high with generous scoops, with flavours such as lavender, fig and ricotta, French macaron and plum sorbet.

There's more than 170 ever-changing ice cream varieties, from traditional flavours, sorbet and organic ice cream to gluten-free and lactose-free cream.

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